Megan Briggs fulfills her lifelong dream to teach

Marisa Sandoval, Editor

Dreams of being an educator were always in the back of math teacher Megan Briggs’ head. After spending her childhood in the Bay Area, Briggs moved to Reno in 2007 and graduated from Reno High School.  After graduating, Briggs attended University of Nevada Reno and double majored. She got degrees in secondary education as well as mathematics while at the university. Years later she returned to her alma mater to teach and help high school students have a positive experience walking the yellow-tiled halls.

“I had a great high school experience,” Briggs said. “I also remember how hard high school is.”

Briggs has drawn some inspiration from some of her teachers she had while she attended Reno High for guidance about how to connect with her students. 

“I try to give my students a good experience,” Briggs said. “I always look to teachers that I remember were enjoyable. They really are my biggest influences.”

The cornerstone of Briggs’ teaching style is student comfortability. Briggs works to have relationships with her students so they feel confident and happy in her classroom. She is most looking forward to watching her students walk across the stage at Lawlor Stadium and graduating. 

“I am a friendly and approachable teacher,” Briggs said. “ I think that carries into my teaching style well. I want my students to ask questions and feel comfortable with the learning process. Sometimes students don’t want to ask questions because they feel embarrassed. I don’t want that with me.”

Reno High has become a family affair for Briggs’ family as her little sister attends the school. Her sister being her has helped Briggs feel at home. 

“It’s really fun having my sister here,” Briggs said. “She brings me lunches from home which is great because I always forget to pack one.” 

Outside of school, Briggs has had an exciting year. She got married and owns two cats with her husband. Briggs also enjoys many hobbies. 

“I rock climb and do photography,” Briggs said. “My students don’t know that I can crochet! I know how to make little animals.” 

Although Briggs did not grow up in Reno, she has found a home walking the huskie halls. As she continues her career, she is looking forward to watching her students succeed.