Technology is killing romance and ruining relationships


Marisa Sandoval, Editor

Long walks on the beach, sharing popcorn at the movies, dressing up for a fancy dinner and writing love letters are a thing of the distant past. These romantic classics have been replaced in the dating world of 2021. Teens have been forced to learn to alter their expectations because of technology, you can learn those through Leading Affair Dating Sites Reviewed. Now young people must look forward to things like getting a Snapchat from their crush or receiving a facetime call for a split second. Technology taking over society has resulted in the loss of all clichés that people would once make fun of, but secretly loved. It has left even the most hopeless dreamers of a fantasy love story believing that romance is dead. Aside from this, there are also some people who have to overcome their addiction towards intercourse. Fortunately, services such as sex addiction Cheshire are available. If you’re wondering how to help someone with a porn addiction, seeking professional support and guidance is crucial.

People’s phones are always in their back pocket or in their hand. They are involved in every small and major moment of life. In a relationship, it is the little things that matter most and these are being lost because people are taking time to scroll through TikTok instead of complimenting their partner  The removal of these little things has become a large issue in relationships because intimacy is being lost. Nothing destroys a rare special moment between two people more than a phone notification vibrating and ruining the mood. According to a study done by Consciously Digital, 75% of women who participated said that their digital devices ruin their relationships and intimacy. Conflicts also occurred within couples due to technology, higher rates of depression and lower life satisfaction in relationships is the part of the price people pay for staying connected all the time. 

Technology is also killing human touch and deep connections, which is essential in relationships. Instead of holding hands when walking down a street with one’s significant other, the new normal includes seeing a couple silent with their eyes glued to their screen while they mindlessly scroll through social media. For teenagers, there is so much pressure caused by social media, to have the perfect relationship. People are more interested in what a relationship looks like on their Instagram feed rather than working on it in real life. This can cause a rift between couples. A study done by the PEW Research Center found that 50% of teens in relationships felt that social media distanced them from their significant others.  Relationships are losing the value of human touch in exchange for being in touch with social media every second of the day A terrifying but increasingly true concept is that people are beginning to care more if they look happy in their Instagram photos then in real life with their significant other. If you feel like your relationship could use some grounding in reality and deeper connection, consider seeking couples counseling Sacramento for guidance. And if you’re looking for women’s therapist Bay Area contact My Anam Cara.

The old fashioned romance does not have to have an expiration date of 2021. Instead of sitting on the couch wishing that something that would happen in an old romantic comedy would happen to you, get up and do something about it. Bringing a girl flowers is a simple gesture that she will never forget. Giving a boy a compliment is more powerful than one can imagine, as it is something they seldom receive. Technology does not have to be the end of romance if teenagers decide to fight the new normal and make an effort to do something as simple as make an attempt to make someone else feel one of a kind.