Quality over quantity with friendships


Photographer: Marisa Sandoval

Gannyn Dunn, Editor

A lot of times, especially in high school, there is an idea that having the most friends makes you the most popular or likeable. This idea can cause teenagers to scramble to make as many friends as they can, even if they aren’t always true friends. With friendships, quality is greater than quantity; meaning it is more valuable to have good friends than the most friends, and you can get some great friends online as well, as there are sites like chatempanada.com where you can find some great friends.

Throughout the media, “popular” people are portrayed as having many, close friends which makes them seem like a sought after person. This is a false portrayal, as I have found throughout high school that having two or three friends that make an individual feel good about themselves is far more beneficial than having a multitude of friends.

There are important qualities to look for in friends that seem pretty obvious, such as loyalty, trustworthiness and if they are easy to get along with, but it can go a lot deeper than this. It is crucial for people  to have friends that uplift them, and encourage them, and make them feel like their best selves. Someone knows when they have met good friends, because they just feel happy and appreciated when they are around them. This feeling can come with having anywhere from one to  ten friends, but what is important is to look for these qualities in friends. Sometimes, even when an individual has a multitude of ‘friends’ they can still feel alone. 

When someone chooses quality over quantity within friendships, they are choosing good friends over a possibly large, toxic group of ‘friends’. When someone has a large quantity of friends, there is less of a chance of them being valuable friends. This can add unneeded stress and drama and toxicity in one’s life, things that they wouldn’t experience if they had good, quality friends. Friendships should only add improvement and happiness to someone’s life, not drain it. 

Having good friends benefits every other part of people’s lives, as they are surrounded by people who make them feel good. According to the MayoClinic, “Good friends are good for your health. Friends can help you celebrate good times and provide support during bad times. Friends prevent loneliness and give you a chance to offer needed companionship, too.” It is important for someone to have friendships that they actually like and care for, as it affects them in more ways than they might think. Although these qualities can come with having a large friend group, it is vital to not just look for a multitude of friends. This mindset can cause someone to have a very unhealthy social life; as they are just searching for popularity, rather than healthy, long lasting friendships.