Adults do not respect teenagers


Jenna Hale, Staff Reporter

From the time someone is born all the way until they are 18 years old they have to deal with being treated like property by the government and adults.Adults are dismissive and hostile whenever minors share an opinion. Parents get progressively unreasonable the more their child’s brain develops. When kids haven’t yet developed the skill to make solid arguments, it feels like they’re always proven wrong by adults. The second they start to develop critical thinking, adults’ reasoning starts making less sense. Parents’ arguments go from knowing what’s best for their child to controlling their every move and justify it by saying “because I said so.”

   People don’t trust minors because they are young. However, a lot of the time minors’ opinions are more reasonable than adults. According to the Santa Fe Institute, “Children can learn the abstract properties of causal relationships using only a handful of events. Moreover, children are more likely than adults to generalize the unusual conjunctive relationship, suggesting that they are less biased by prior assumptions and pay more attention to current evidence,”. This shows that children have the ability to be more open minded when making critical decisions. There is no reason why they should be treated like their opinions are any less valid than those of an adult. 

                Store managers follow groups of teenagers around a store because they are labeled as delinquents, helicopter parents monitor their child’s every move because they don’t trust them and other adults treat minors like they’re too young to have a valid opinion. All of this because minors are forced to accept a position of inferiority and ignored when they have a perspective that could benefit the situation the most in a conflict.