Driver’s education will improve on-road safety


Photographer: Marisa Sandoval

Delaney Sullivan, Staff Reporter

Driver’s Education should be a requirement rather than an option for freshmen students. If all high
schools required freshmen students to take it, the roads would be much safer. Driver’s Education is a
class that teaches teenagers the rules of the road and how to be a safe driver. Many accidents are the
result of distracted, inexperienced teenage drivers so this class would be extremely beneficial.
For many years young drivers have had the highest rate of crash involvement. This is because new
drivers do not have enough knowledge or experience with driving. Recent studies by AllStar Driving
Education have shown that by receiving this knowledge from the class before acquiring their license, it
helps teenagers to learn how to obey all driving rules.
Requiring freshmen students to take this course is not a big ask. The class is a fun way to earn drivers
safety. Another study by AllStar Driving showed that it is easier to learn the information being taught
when surrounded by friends and familiar faces. Plus, the early exposure to driving will be beneficial to
students when they do get their license.
Drivers Education often teaches mechanical knowledge as well. Skills such as changing a tire, checking
oil, and where important parts of the vehicle are taught. This information can help in emergency
situations and will save money. Most teenagers are not taught these skills before getting their license,
which can be dangerous.
Another benefit of taking this course is insurance discounts. Some insurance companies will offer a
discount for teenagers who have taken a Driver’s Education class through a school program. This
discount is offered because insurance companies know that drivers who have taken this class in a
structured environment are less likely to get in an accident.
Although some may think that taking the class is a waste of time, studies have proved otherwise.
Taking Drivers Education in place of an elective allows kids to be properly equipped with driving

knowledge before they start driving on their own. This class provides safer roads for not only the class
attendee themselves, but others drivers as well.