“Rush for the Gold-Mystery at the Olympics” reveals hardships of athletics

Delaney Sullivan, Staff Reporter

John Feinstein’s book, “Rush for the Gold- Mystery at the Olympics” is an amazing sports mystery.  This book includes great development of characters as well as plot. It is a well written novel with incredible use of details and imagery that make the scenes very vivid.

Main character, teenage swimmer Susan Carol Anderson gets wrapped up in constant drama. She has to balance high school, her internship as a journalist, and her family. Anderson is also in the middle of her journey to becoming an Olympic swimmer. With her beauty and charm, companies are fighting over her for endorsements. Throughout the story there are many adventures and tensions to work through like her father trying to blindside her by firing her coach. 

This book is a great read for anyone, but especially athletes. Many athletes share the same dream of making it to the big leagues just like Anderson. At times it seems as if you are living in the story and feeling the pressure she is. As a swimmer myself, reading a story about an upcoming swimmer was very relatable as well as inspiring. The book also uses a good amount of humor which adds nicely to the story. The only negative thing I could say about “Rush for Gold” was that the climax was too late in the story. I loved the big mystery, but it only took place on a few pages at the end. Other than that, this book is exceptionally good. 

This is exactly the kind of read one would expect from Feinstein. He is a New York Times bestselling sportswriter.  “Rush for Gold” is exciting and fun to read. From sports to mystery, this book is outstanding and is one of the many amazing sports novels written by John Feinstein.