Basketball a priority for Adia Walker, works on skills on and off the court

Kochia Krum, Staff Reporter

Even with life on hold, basketball is still a priority for Freshmen Adia Walker. Walker has been playing basketball ever since she started in second grade just for fun. 

“I just started and never stopped,” Walker said. 

Walker made the Varsity team this year as a freshman. This was something she was working to do and was one of her goals.

“It was so awesome making Varsity, that was my goal and I did it,” Waker said. “It was honestly the best feeling ever.”

 Walker plays for two different teams as well as for the school and has made great bonds to the teams.

“I play for Cal Stars Sacramento and Nevada Basketball Academy,” Walker said. “The girls mean a lot to me. We have fun on and off the court.” 

The virus has made basketball a bit more challenging for Walker, but she is still working on her own. 

“The only thing coronavirus is keeping me from with basketball is practicing with a team; otherwise I just work out at home,” Walker said. “I work out every day. I run in the evenings and do strength workouts in the morning. I work on my ball handling and shooting form the most.”

Basketball is more to Walker than just a sport. 

“Basketball means a lot to me,” Walker said. “It’s a big part of my life. It’s like my thing. I love it a lot.”

Coronavirus has affected Walker’s life beyond basketball too. 

“Coronavirus has affected my daily life by not letting me go to school, play basketball or see any of my friends,” Walker said. 

Walker is still keeping busy and learning new things. 

“My favorite activities are drawing, painting, biking, and watching Netflix and I am learning how to cook and bake,” Walker said.