Mirczak keeps busy at home

Madison Freeman, Staff Reporter

Math Teacher April Mirczak is not only learning new ways of teaching, but also teaching her students the importance of socializing. Mirczak, on average, taught 185 students every day before quarantine, but now she is adapting her classroom to the current circumstances.

“Not being able to see anyone in person really sucks,” Mirczak said. “Socializing is important for not only students but everyone. A day in my life was seeing all of my students but that was also the life of another student too. We are so used to seeing friends everyday and now not being able to see any one. Plus, teenagers are the most social age group, like the social landscape is very important and to have to social distance changes that.”

Mirczak has been using the online platform zoom to help allow her students to talk and joke around together, every Tues. and Thurs. from 10 a.m. until noon.

“Having to now use Zoom calls has definitely changed the way teaching originally occurred,” Mirczak said. “Not being able to see each other in person definitely sucks.”

Not only has Mirczak been having her students socialize, but she has been trying to keep herself busy at home too.

“I have a sewing machine and I am a bit of a sewer,” Mirczak said. “I have recently learned how to make face masks and have been sewing them. That has been a good hobby and I have been leaving them out in my front yard for my neighbors to pick up. That has been keeping me very busy, also I have been watching a whole ton of Netflix.”

 Not only has Mircak been adapting her classroom under the current circumstances, but she has also been finding new ways to keep her mind busy and creative.