Corona-Diaries: A Week in a Newspaper Staff’s Life

Kochia Krum, Staff Reporter

Friday April 17: Today I completed all my school work and I was excited that it was Friday! I watched the movie “Go Carts” on Netflix with my family which was really funny. I also made a chocolate mug cake for the first time today. It tasted great. 

Saturday April 18: I got to sleep in today because my mom has been waking me and my siblings up at 8:00 a.m. every morning. We got to have donuts for breakfast which was so cool; they were dropped off by one of my mom’s friends.  My parents also decided to go to Costco today and they bought a lot of food. They also bought pizza and I feel like I haven’t had it in a long time. 

Sunday April 19: Today I had a Zoom meeting with some of the members of my ward for church. My family also listened to a fireside led by some of my church leaders. We made a fire in my backyard and roasted hotdogs while we listened.

Monday April 20:  Today I got school done before lunch which was pretty exciting. I also got started on a 750 Piece puzzle! My dad also went back to work today because he was furloughed. 

Tuesday April 21: Today school took a little longer, but I actually enjoyed the assignments. For honors English, I got to write a page on why someone should watch the “Amazing Race.” My dad went through some of his old things which were pretty cool. I liked this little satellite T.V. he had. We also found out that school will be digital for the rest of the year which was a lot of mixed emotions for my family. We were both happy and sad. Some of my siblings are really enjoying being home while others miss school and their friends.