Medal takes on leadership role, expands horizons

Maggie Arden, Editor in Chief

Senior Gavin Medal has his hands full with a number of impressive activities. From Leadership to Future Business Leaders of America, and even a medical internship last semester, Medal does it all. 

As Northern Region Vice President for FBLA, and his position encompases 11 high schools. He oversees the chapter members from these schools, and even helped start a new chapter in Carson City.

“It’s really stressful sometimes,” Medal said. “Sometimes people will ask questions in a weird way, and when I can’t answer it, I feel like I can’t help. But then I work with them and help them with what they need, which is really cool. We started a new online initiative where people can ask questions for an hour and we will do presentations so others don’t feel left behind.”

Being an officer for the club wasn’t always in his plan, but Medal wanted to expand his horizons and try something new. He ended up learning a valuable lesson.

“I joined because I wanted to be out of my comfort zone. I ran for SBO here at school and didn’t get it, which is okay. It was my first time ever running for something which was interesting to see how it works. Later that year, I ran for Northern Region Vice President and got it, which is a really good thing to show to show that even though you may not get it in one place, try again every opportunity you have because you might get it another time.”

Being in this position has taught medal skills that expand out of FBLA. They’ve allowed him to break down his walls and accomplish new goals.

“I’ve learned a lot of public speaking skills,” Medal said. “You have to stand in front of thousands of people and get to be like a beacon of opportunity, and being able to be that person who has answers to what they need has kind of broken my shell of shyness. I’m trying to break down this shell every day, and I’m not 100 percent there yet, but I’m trying.”

Not only do these skills apply to Leadership, but they also help prepare him for a future in medicine. Gavin hopes to become a neurosurgeon.

“As a neurosurgeon, you have to be on your toes and very open. You have the techs and nurses, and even patients that you have to communicate with. If they have a question for you, you have to have the answers and be the one to talk to them. So not being shy and creating that patient-doctor communication is important, and learning and practicing these skills early on will prepare me.”

Despite his busy schedule, Medal enjoys being outdoors and hiking. He also tries to prioritize time for himself and his family to balance out his time.