Westenburg starts radio show


Photographer: Clark Mack

Westenburg has started his own radio show and hopes to continue.

Clark Mack, Staff Reporter

Senior Ashton Westenburg has a radio show on 97.7 FM, KWNK.

“It’s a volunteer radio station in Reno, which means that anyone can do it,” Westenburg said. “Anyone can have a show and so I just signed up and they called me.”

For the show, Westenburg does a DJ set of surf rock songs then talks about it afterwards. He also said what makes surf rock and his show interesting are the good vibes.

“It’s just super fun,” Westenburg said. “It’s a good way to learn more about music. For each episode, I have to research more music and find more music. I love learning more about music.”

He doesn’t have any big goals for the radio show, but people enjoy it nonetheless.

“It’s just kind of a fun thing to do where I get to learn about music and show it to people,” Westenburg said. “I’d definitely say the purpose is to try and spread the genre at least in my immediate circle and also to random people driving and listening to the radio.”

He plans on doing the show at least a little while longer.

“Right now I’m doing one show every two weeks,” Westenburg said, “and plan on continuing that for the foreseeable future.”