Corona-Diaries: A Week in a Newspaper Staff’s Life

Gannyn Dunn, Junior Editor

Sunday April 6: Today I woke up at 1 p.m. and I basically did nothing but play Mario Kart, but that is O.K. because it is the weekend. I am excited to do my school work tomorrow though. I like when I have school work to do, because then I get to follow some sort of schedule. 

Monday April 7: Today I did my school work and it was nice to have something “normal” to do. Afterwards I took a nap and then watched the movie “The Invisible Man” with my dad, which was not a very great movie. It was very predictable and the ending of the movie was pretty cheesy. 

Tuesday April 8: At 8 a.m. this morning, I had a Zoom meeting with my chemistry class, and it was super fun getting to see my teacher and classmates. In the meeting, we all just got caught up on what we are supposed to be working on and we asked questions.  After that I went driving for about an hour with my dad so I can get more hours with my permit. Today I felt pretty productive. 

Wednesday April 9: Today I did my school work again and when I finished that, I did an at home workout. I just followed a quick video on YouTube that walked me through a core workout. It was fun to get moving, since you can’t really do much else. After I worked out though, I ate waffles so I guess it cancelled out. Me and my dad also went on a three mile walk, and it was super enjoyable to just talk. 

Thursday April 10: Again, today I did my school work and I had another Zoom meeting with my chemistry class. It was just another check-up. I also facetimed my friends today, which was super fun, because we all just get to talk and hangout like we normally do. After that, I made a delicious banana, strawberry and nutella smoothie. I always like when I switch up my daily routine, even if it’s something small like making a smoothie.