Movie proves miracles do happen


Photographer: Marisa

Lindsey Pyron, Staff Reporter

Many people don’t believe in miracles. That’s how Christy Beam felt for a long time until something changed. Miracles of Heaven was an incredible film directed by Patricia Riggen, in 2016. It was based on the true story of a girl named Anna Beam. Anna was diagnosed with a rare disorder that left her unable to digest food. It was said that it is untreatable, but maybe miracles can happen. 

The movie often revolves around not only miracles but faith. It shared the theme of a loving family life on a ranch in Texas until everything was turned upside down. Anna had a happy life growing up, but she started having issues. Anna had been vomiting for weeks and after she was in awful pain she was rushed to the hospital and the doctor there told them that she had a rare disorder. The doctor recommended a specialist in Boston. A space finally opened up and Anna stayed in Boston for nearly three years with Dr. Nurko. Dr. Nurko brought a lively spirit into Anna’s life and was great with children. Not only was Anna impacted by many people in Boston but she positively impacted other people’s lives too. Christy always questioned why this was all happening to Anna who was the sweetest little girl. 

Shortly after Anna moved back to Texas a miracle happened. Anna had a near-death experience. People said that she would most likely suffer many broken bones, be paralyzed or not even make it out alive. Instead of all of those things happening, Anna was cured. This experience somehow cured her disorder and she was able to digest food. 

 The movie genuinely shows the hardships of this story and the pain everyone was going through. It not only was emotional but showed the fascinating story of Anna Beam and how she was cured. When watching the movie it really made me think about the things in my life that I thought were hard but were really nothing compared to what Anna had gone through. I enjoyed how the movie not only focused on what Anna was dealing with but how it was hard for everyone. 

I would recommend the movie as it can really make people grateful for what they have. The quality of the film was clear and the soundtrack added a theme and mood to each of the different scenes. 

Kylie Rogers, who played Anna, really brought out the genuine pain Anna had experienced, physically and emotionally. Jennifer Garner played an important role of Christy Beam, who went through a lot as well. Christy had been with Anna throughout the entire experience and saw Anna in her worst and best moments. Christy’s views had changed. She now believed that miracles did exist.

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