Brigerton creates a world of drama and elegance

Brigerton creates a world of drama and elegance

Marisa Sandoval, Editor

As magical tales of the past become the entertainment of the present, period dramas are on the rise in popularity. The Netflix original, “Brigerton”, highlights the various lives of aristocratic British families in the early 19th century. The show which intertwines the engaging, dramatic world of “Gossip Girl” and the elegance of “Downton Abbey” has become one of the biggest hits of 2021. The series leaves Netflix users in love with the constant scandals of the eight Brigerton siblings, on their journey to find love. 

As each episode gets juicier, the story always maintains a solid plot line that makes the series entertaining to watch. The show starts with the beginning of the social season where debutantes are presented to the Queen of England and Daphne Brigerton is chosen as the ‘diamond,’ or the star of the season. The competitive marriage market of the Regency Era in London is the cornerstone of the show, as the Brigerton siblings navigate following in their parent’s footsteps to find their great love. 

“Brigerton” most closely follows the turbulent relationship of Daphne Brigerton and Simon the Duke of Hastings. They go from enemies to friends to lovers. They begin their relationship as a front so the Duke would not get bothered by desperate debutantes, and Brigerton would have suitors lining up for her. However , their meticulous plan goes up in flames as they fall madly in love. But, their magical fairy tail love lacks simplicity as it involves an abundance of complications that are detailed throughout the first season. 

The period piece follows the ups and downs of the prominent families lives through the voice of Lady Whistledown. The anonymous writer discusses the secrets that most characters in the show would prefer untold. This allows the show to connect with the current day loss of privacy that social media brings.  In one hour episodes, Brigerton, brings a brutally honest look into the unique lives of British aristocrats that lived in a time period that the world romanticizes today.  

This show is a remarkable look into how modern day technology allows audiences to take a very personal peek into the past. Bridgerton has shocked watchers with one of a kind costumes and fashion that no longer exist today. The show included 7,500 pieces and took five months to prep. The candy colored costume drama includes silk dresses, a countless amount of ruffles as well as lace and wigs that could rival Marie Antoinette’s. The incredible costume collection is reason enough to watch the show as the intricate period clothing provides an abundance of eye candy. 

The story mastered the difficulties that come with capturing a period drama with mouth watering costumes, but also the sets that help viewers travel back in time and see what Great Britain looked like during this period. Shot in multiple historic mansions in the British countryside, Bridgerton was able to turn dreams into reality. The intricate set designs of fairy tale-like balls, royal tea parties and the homes in which the characters lived is what made the show so special for viewers to watch.

Brigerton was my first watch of the new year and I sped through it within a week. The characters are immensely charming, but also have struggles that are easy for audiences to relate to. As a lover of British television, this show came with no complaints, and I am counting down the seconds until the next season premieres. The show contains little to no faults as it is an addicting and fun watch. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good drama, love story or period series. Bridgerton is the epitome of how modern day television can positively use its resources to allow viewers to experience the past in a dreamlike way.