The mystery of the Zodiac Killer is solved

The mystery of the Zodiac Killer is solved

Gannyn Dunn, Editor

The Zodiac Killer, a notorious killer who terrorized California in the 1960s, has still not been identified. This has led many to have their own suspicions about who the killer is, one of those people being Gary L. Stewart. Stewart wrote a book with Susan Mustafa, “The Most Dangerous Animal Of All,” about how he was led to believe his father was the Zodiac Killer. 

This book is almost like Stewart’s own journal as it goes through his and his dad’s life story, which leads him to believe he is the Zodiac Killer. Stewart brings up a lot of compelling evidence to convince his audience, including stories from his dad’s childhood. The book later goes onto Gary L. Stewart’s adulthood, when he first had suspicions of his dad being a killer. This book moves all the way back from his great-grandparent’s story to his adulthood telling his own account, and giving his evidence that convinced him his dad was a serial killer.

This book was pretty interesting to read, as I am someone who finds crime stories very interesting. Some parts of the book did get a little bit boring, and I found myself zoning out. Stewart goes into a lot of detail describing every little anecdote he brings up, which sometimes got tiring. Some of the details were unneeded to his main argument. Although, I found some of the little stories about his father’s childhood very thought-provoking as I found myself connecting many dots. I would find myself saying in my head “oh that makes sense,” after he had just told a foreshadowing story that would lead one to believe his father was the killer.

In other parts of this book, Stewart talks about some of the hardships he goes through as he was abandoned by his biological parents and later adopted. This aspect could cater to other people going through the same thing, as they could relate to him. I liked that Stewart didn’t just talk about the Zodiac killer the whole time, and he went into how his biological dad being absent affected him long-term. This added an aspect that I feel was pretty necessary to understanding the bigger picture.

“The Most Dangerous Animal of All” was overall a pretty entertaining book. I would recommend it to people who are interested in the mystery that is the Zodiac Killer, or crime stories in general. Stewart makes a good argument in his book, that had me second guessing who the Zodiac Killer could be.