Boys basketball falls short at Winterfest

Liam Hayward, Junior Editor

Compared to their athletic success three week prior against Reed, boys’ varsity basketball was unable to keep up at Reed’s Winterfest game on Friday.

The Huskies were off to a rough start in the first quarter. Reed was very aggressive in their offense and managed to make the easy baskets, which added up quickly. At the end of the first quarter, Reno was down 7-20. By the time it was halftime, they narrowed it to 21-44. 

The game had a lot of energy on both sides. A surprising amount of students showed up to the away game, especially with the distance. Reno students showed up in red, after social media posts from leadership promoted the red-out. 

In the second half, Reno was successfully becoming more aggressive, and they narrowed the score difference substantially, but by the fourth quarter they weren’t able to catch up to Reed, with a final score of 47-78.  

Skylar Hales made a lot of points and efforts for the team, but weren’t able to push ahead in the game. Despite the loss, the team persevered through each quarter. It all came down to making those close baskets, which the Huskies weren’t too successful Friday night.

Both teams came in with a winning streak, but the game pushed Reed to second in the league, followed by Reno in third. Ultimately, Reed had a massive student section, due to it being their Winterfest game. Although Reno didn’t perform their best, they still worked hard and put up a good fight.