Ski team builds team relationship


Photographer: Photo provided by Cole Boyden

A racer skis down the slope during a race in February. The team has been working on their skills while still having fun.

Marisa Sandoval, Staff Reporter

The ski team knows how to enjoy themselves and excel in their races. During their second race of the season on Feb.4, they proved that their work hard play hard philosophy has been successful. The squad has been working on something individually that many may not expect, and this is having fun. 

“During this race, I had more fun than I ever have on a race,” junior Cole Boyden said. “I improved on having fun and having a good time.” 

The team performed well with sophomore Tyler Francis placing 1st and Boyden placing 8th in the giant slalom event. But, the skiers still have room for improvement. The team hasn’t trained slalom yet and some didn’t perform as well as they wanted because of this.

“I will want to work on being more comfortable on a slalom course so I can push myself during races and really improve my times,” junior Amelia Rosevear said. “We didn’t get any slalom training in, and I didn’t get to prepare on an actual course which was scary.” 

Even when facing these challenges the team persevered and tried their hardest. 

“I just sent it,” Francis said. “The race went well and I am happy with my result. The next race I want to work on getting more hyped up. I also want to train and work on minor mistakes that I can fix.”

The team continues to improve and they relate this to their tuning parties which double as team bonding time. 

“I think team bonding has really just helped build the family,” Boyden said. “It strengthens the support that everybody has for one another and it assuages you to try harder.”

The squad hopes to improve on better times as well as being more unified as a team. They have realized that the more fun they have the better results they see, and the team hopes to try to enjoy themselves more during future races.