Wrestling team prepares for end of season

Kochia Krum, Staff Reporter

The JV Wrestling team has had 18 wins and 4 losses this season, with regionals coming up.

Their season is off to a good start. The team does not just train on the mat but also goes on runs to get their bodies in shape.

“We work out and work hard doing it,” freshmen Christopher Kosturos said.

The team also trains with partners, to help their partners get in shape for Regionals.

“I get to help my varsity partner train for regionals, so I am pretty excited,” freshmen Jorge Gonzalez said.

The team is looking forward to the rest of the season and training for Regionals.

“Our season is going pretty good, but I expect to train harder for regionals,” Gonzalez said.

As well as Regionals, the team is also preparing for some of their harder matches.

“The matches our team is most worried for are Spanish Springs and Reed,” Kosturos said.

The team likes to listen to music to get pumped for their matches and to keep their bodies moving.

“I play loud, hype music and jump around or do jogs or sprints to get a sweat going to be warmed up,” freshman Christopher Cruz said.

The team is also doing different things to prepare for Varsity. 

“To prepare for Varsity, I am going to be training really hard and always showing up to practices and meets,” Kosturos said.

Other teammates are not just working during the season but in the off-season as well.

 “I plan on trying to work on wrestling off-season to prepare for Varsity,” Cruz said.

The team also has a strong bond built through wrestling.

“We are pretty strong, we are like brothers and always there for each other,” Gonzalez said.