A wider selection of electives would benefit students


Photographer: Marisa Sandoval

Delaney Sullivan, Staff Reporter

Many of the electives Reno High offers are the bare minimum. There is not a wide variety of options especially compared to other local high schools. By adding more options, it could be beneficial to many students. 

By adding new electives, students are provided with an opportunity to discover and learn about areas they may have never been exposed to. Electives such as psychology, often sparks an interest in students to look into that type of career. However, students who have non-traditional school interests like fashion, don’t get the chance to explore it in school. Expanding the amount and variety of electives gives students who are interested in less common careers  a way to expand their knowledge and learn more about their future career path. 

 “A wider range of class options would teach many important life skills needed in college and or in the future” according to a study by a group of professors at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Research by those professors also shows that when kids are interested in what they are learning, they tend to put in more effort and do better in the class. Doing something of interest makes the school day more fun and can prepare students for their future.

New electives are also a great way to bring students who have the same interests together. Students would be with peers who like the same topics as they do, so it would be a place for those students to come together and expand their knowledge of the topic together. Certain electives could even teach important life skills, such as car safety and saving for college. 

Many other high schools in Reno offer a plethora of electives that many students enroll in and typically enjoy. For example, McQueen High School offers many  physical education electives that Reno High does not; electives like volleyball and cycling are popular among students there. 

Although it may be a struggle to find teachers for certain topics, expanding electives would not only be enjoyable for students, it would be useful in inspiring and preparing them for their future.