Admin gears up to adapt to shifting COVID-19 protocols

Marisa Sandoval, Editor

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for students as well administration. Recently, there have been many changes in the limitations the virus initially caused, that are starting to return to some form of normalcy. Administration is working hard to get things as close to normal as possible.

“The biggest changes right now are the 250 people capacity for outside events and three feet spacing vs. the six feet,” Principal Kris Hackbusch said. “The outdoor capacity changes does allow us to start planning some activities in the last quarter. We are working on that now.”

To battle the constant alterations to protocols, the administration has been sending sunday night emails to families and creating constant posts on social media. He also shares information about new happenings with the Booster Club. However, finding out that information and making a plan based on it has not been easy for administration.

“The hardest part about the process is the waiting,” Hackbusch said. “We are often the 3rd or 4th step in the process. The governor sets his directives, then individual school districts interpet and guide the school on what the procedures are. The process can be long and it’s hard to communicate to students, staff and parents what the new rules are. How we have battled this is by being methodical on finding out what the rules are and then working under those perimeters and to plan quickly.”

As administration learns about what the future holds, they are starting to plan out summer school as well as the 2021-2022 school year. The plans for next year will include full-time in-person learning, as well as normal sports calendars along with activities.  As administration gets ready for the future they are starting to set some goals.

“My goals are to support our teachers and students in finishing the school with some continuity within the hybrid schedule while at the same time preparing for next year,” Hackbusch said. “We are projected to have a significant increase of students next year due to rezoning and we need to have rooms ready and hiring complete to start the year. We want to also make sure summer school is available to help students needing support. We are also heavily planning spring activities and senior events.” 

Administration is reflecting on the past to ensure the end of the year is as fun as possible for students, and especially seniors. At the end of this year they are working with leadership to plan graduation, senior events and other events. 

“The end of this year will be a grind, no way around it,” Hackbusch said. “We need to support each other. It will take hard work the next ten weeks and we just need to communicate, put in a strong effort and ask for help when needed.”

Hackbusch along with administration is looking forward to next year. They are hoping to return to the normal traditions that include a roaring student section and senior benches. They are also excited to see every student roaming the yellow tiled halls on the same day.