Students make New Year’s resolutions to stay motivated

Ella Robnett, Staff Reporter

When the new year rolls around, it’s common for people to set goals, or new year’s resolutions. Typically, goals and resolutions are set to motivate people through the year. These goals can be small or big, and short or long-term. 

Following tradition, students at Reno High have made their own goals to help better themselves in the new year. Resolutions ranged from academics, sports, personal goals and hobbies.

Freshman football player, Burton Iles has goals for both on and off the field. He overall wants to better himself and use his resources in a more efficient way.

“I want to get good grades and stay responsible,” Iles said. “I want to be healthier and be more active, as well as read more. I want to stop procrastinating by making seven to nine hours of homework time and using my planner every day to make sure I get stuff done.”

Freshman, Julia Sullivan is motivated by school to set big goals, and she has already completed some of her goals for the year, such as getting good grades and making the dean’s list.

“My new year’s resolution would be character development and working on my self-confidence,” Sullivan said. “School has motivated me to focus on my future plans later in life. I believe I have completed some goals, including getting straight A’s.”

Freshman, Mallory McKillip set both long-term and short-term goals for school and sports. She found school motivational, and a good push towards bigger opportunities.

“I want to be the top catcher for my softball team,” McKillip said. “I hope to start talking to some college coaches soon about scholarships. School has made me want to push myself more to become better at the things that I am not strong in so I can succeed in life.”

Freshman cheer leader, Aleena Chand creates at least three goals that she tries to achieve by the end of every school year.

“My new year’s resolution for 2021 was to take more time for myself,” Chand said. “I’ve reached many goals and resolutions I’ve set for myself either big or small, I try the best I can.”

Students have continued tradition and made many goals and resolutions this year. Some found motivation from school to set not only their academic goals, but also their long-term personal goals.