Students made their mark on the 2020 Presidential Election

Gannyn Dunn, Editor

The 2020 presidential election was different from many others before it, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the lingering tensions between opposing political parties. After former Vice President Joe Biden was chosen as the President Elect, students felt as though they made an impact on the results in different ways, including voting and working the polls. 

Senior Keely Haw voted early in person on Oct. 27. This was her first time voting, and afterwards she felt a sense of accomplishment and unity.

“It was super cool,” Haw said. “Voting itself was super easy and afterwards they gave me a first time voter certificate and everyone cheered, which they do for pretty much everyone who votes for the first time. It was neat seeing everyone come together and be so supportive of one another.”

Senior Angelina Guerrero, another first time voter, also voted early and in person on Oct. 30. Guerrero feels it is extremely important to vote, especially during the 2020 presidential election.

“I’ve always looked forward to voting ever since I knew I would be old enough to vote in the 2020 election,” Guerrero said. “I also felt that this election was very important to the future of America, so I felt even more empowered to vote.”

Guerrero noticed the poll workers being COVID-19 compliant, as everything was  constantly being cleaned and everyone was wearing a mask. 

“I had never voted before, so it wasn’t anything different from what I would have expected,” Guerrero said. “The line was very spaced out and we were all asked to sanitize before entering the building. It did take a little bit longer because they had to disinfect each station after every use.”

Junior Shawnie Thomas also contributed to the election, but in a different way. Thomas was a greeter at the polls at Cold Springs Middle School on Nov. 3. Thomas learned a lot about the process of counting ballots, and had a great experience helping out, even though she couldn’t vote.

“I decided that, because I couldn’t vote, and because so many older people couldn’t work the polls, I should contribute to the election in another way,” Thomas said.