COVID-19 precautions create a new normal


Photographer: Lindsey Pyron

Students walk around the “R” and wear masks to follow COVID-19 restrictions.

Lindsey Pyron, Staff Reporter

With students back in school COVID-19 safety precautions and rules have been put in
place and students are expected to follow them. The school has implemented many additional
ways to keep everyone safe such as plexiglass and arrows around different places around the
school, such as the “R”. The Washoe County School District has made sure that safety
precaution rules are put in place, but students and staff are the ones that need to be following the
rules to stay safe.
School Police Officer Lafayette Webb has been making sure the students are staying safe
and following the COVID-19 rules. Officer Webb feels as though students have been doing an
amazing job and most students are wearing their masks. Occasionally a student may pull down
their masks, but Webb feels that it is understandable.

“From my perspective of what I’ve seen students have been doing an amazing job
inside,” Webb said. “As far as, they are distancing as much as they can, they are following the
arrows by the ‘R’ typically. Most kids are wearing their masks from what I’m seeing. You do see
groups that are getting together outside. But I think people need that kind of an outlet.”
Although there are many mandatory rules, there are also some that are optional for
students and teachers. Optional rules include washing hands, sanitizing when entering a
classroom, and wiping down student's desks. These options are there for students and staff to do
if they feel it’s necessary.
“A few students will take a moment to sanitize when they enter the room”, English
teacher Rebekah Mileo said. “I have a big bottle directly by the door and several students take
advantage of that. I will encourage students to sanitize. However, I mostly leave that decision up
to them.”
Reno High school nurse Janet Ruyak has been making sure to stay extra safe by washing
hands frequently and limiting contact with others. Ruyak feels that students are worried about
COVID-19 and are taking the safety precaution rules seriously.
“The students I observe in the hallways appear to be taking precautions and are following
the rules that are in place,” Ruyak said. “I think remaining socially distant while off-campus
could be improved on.”