Star testing provides baseline reading level assessments


Photographer: Delaney Sullivan

Star testing is held in the library computer room, which has social distancing measures this year.

Delaney Sullivan, Staff Reporter

   Although Covid-19  proposed challenges for this year’s Star Test, it is just as important as ever. Teachers and students often rely on the results from this reading placement test to get a better understanding of where their reading level is. 

“It’s really important for students to know if they’re reading at grade level or below, so then they can take steps to empower themselves to work on that” librarian Amie Newberry said. “The test is a nationally used program that develops a 34 question test that actually tracks with you.”

     This means the difficulty of questions is based off how you are doing. Reno High pays for this test because it is backed by research and is constantly being updated, giving teachers an accurate way to assess students. 

    However, freshman Elise Evans does not think the test accurately assesses her reading level and that the test should not be required to take. She does not think it is an important test for students to take. 

   “I didn’t think it was that accurate because I’m not a super good test taker” Evans said. “So I think if i’m stressed the whole time it’s going to make my score not as good.” 

     “I think it was a really unnecessary test that was not very accurate and it just simply stresses kids out.” 

   While freshman honors english teacher Rebekah Mileo agrees that it does not show an accurate representation of a student’s reading level,  she does think the test is important. Especially for goal-making amongst students and giving teachers an idea of where students are. 

   “I use it as one piece in the larger puzzle of understanding a student’s reading capabilities” Mileo said.  “It gives a good baseline for where the student is as a reader at that moment.”

   Results from the test provide students with a baseline of where they are at the beginning of the school year compared to the end of the year. While this test is not for a grade, it is to help when making goals.