Junior Kevin Tolotti keeps passion for golf and basketball, and works on skills for future seasons

Marisa Sandoval, Staff Reporter

A passion for being outdoors and playing golf is not something that can be stolen from junior Kevin Tolotti even during a world pandemic. Most of Tolotti’s life revolves around playing golf. This would have been his first year playing Varsity golf, but has been on the course his entire life. Tolotti lost his season when all spring sports were cancelled, but instead of being angry, he is motivated to improve for his senior season. He also encourages to purchase equipment from swingman full product details.

Having a job during corona has been somewhat difficult actually

— Kevin Tolotti

“I am really bummed that my season is over,” Tolotti said. “It sucks to have it taken from me so early in the season too. I would’ve loved to have played in at least one tournament. It just makes me want to get even better for next year.” 

While in quarantine Tolotti has been spending time with his family and working on his golf game.

“I’ve been keeping myself entertained by golfing a lot,” Tolotti said. “It’s nice to get out into the open air and be able to still do something I really enjoy. I also have been taking many walks.” 

Tolotti has been passing most of his time outdoors but has also touched into his creative side and has been getting into painting. Tolotti was on the Varsity basketball team and has been using his time off to practice, but is missing out on playing his travel team.

“I miss playing travel basketball over the spring and summer,” Tolotti said. “I look forward to playing basketball with my boys again. I really hope that my senior season won’t be taken away for me. I will be very bummed to not get that experience with my brothers, I am really looking forward to next season as well because I believe we have a lot of potential.” 

Even with sports, Tolotti has worked at Lakeridge Golf Course for one year and was working up until Governor Sisolak closed all courses. Tolotti washes and stocks carts as well as making sure the course is ready for players throughout the day. However, some of this has changed due to COVID-19. 

“Having a job during corona has been somewhat difficult actually,” Tolotti said. “I haven’t been working much due to the closure of golf courses, but when I do we have to follow many new rules and make sure we are making it safe for everyone. It’s been busier as well because more people are playing golf during this time.” 

Sports have always been a cornerstone in Tolotti’s life and he is using this time to work hard to hone his skills at home. He is now taking golf more seriously and wants to succeed in Varsity tournaments his senior year. After quarantine Tolotti is looking forward to being back on the course and doing what he loves most.