Briggs and Ernst join forces as new leadership advisors

Marisa Sandoval, Staff Reporter

The leadership class is starting the upcoming school year full of change with two new advisors. Two of Reno High’s teachers who have stretched their influence across speech and debate, English, journalism and yearbook are now bringing leadership under their wing. With the addition of teachers Christy Briggs and Taylor Ernst as advisors, the class is ready to strengthen traditions and work to further unite the Huskie community. Leadership is undertaking a transition year as current advisor Brad Naughton steps down, and trains Ernst and Briggs. 

The two teachers are great friends outside the classroom, which helped them decide to join forces as advisors. They decided that leadership is not something to be done alone. This, along with their continued involvement in school activities, contributed to them considering taking the position. 

“Over my years at RHS, I’ve spent a lot of time helping with various leadership activities- dances, homecoming, conferences, etc,” Briggs said. “I love how much energy the leadership kids always put into the events. I knew Mr. Naughton was looking for someone to eventually take over and after joking with some students about taking it in with Ms.Ernst, we both got really excited about how much fun it would be to actually do it.”

Ernst and Briggs are bringing their past experiences and expertise to help the class evolve.

“I understand all the parts to running a program- from planning events and getting them approved to budgeting and working with Mrs. Johnson, our bookkeeper,” Ernst said. “I think communicating is an essential skill to have, which I constantly do running Yearbook. I also think I know how to help students become leaders in the classroom.”

There have never been three leadership advisors, and over the next year they will work together as Naughton teaches Briggs and Ernst what occurs behind the scenes. 

 “Over the next year I will just show them how I managed the class, and put them in position for success and growth,” Naughton said. “Once they take over, they will have their own ideas on how the class should be run or what new traditions they want to start.  I just want to put them in the best place possible to make their dreams come true.” 

Naughton has been the leadership advisor for seven years at Reno High and is stepping down to further his career in education. He is returning to school with an aim to move up in school administration. He hopes to leave behind a legacy rooted deep with tradition. 

“Leadership needs to continue to build on its rich history and traditions, and add new fun traditions along the way,” Naughton said. 

As they preserve the past, students hope for a fresh perspective that could influence change in class and throughout the school. 

“Ms. Briggs and Ms. Ernst both teach other important programs and they will help us to appeal to a wider demographic of students which is always our main goal,” incoming Student Body Commissioner of Public Relations Amelia Rosevear said. “They also are two of the most organized teachers on our staff and I feel that they could bring a lot more uniform to the class, which we currently lack.”

During their transition year, the students will have more resources with the addition of extra teachers and will get to know teachers they may not have had. 

“With the availability of three teachers in leadership next year, there will be help around every corner,” sophomore Logan Miceli said. “We will learn so much from Ms. Ernst and Ms. Briggs.” 

As Briggs and Ernst add leadership to their responsibilities, they will work with Naughton to learn the ways of the class and prepare for the future. Their backgrounds have provided much needed experience to help represent the student body. The three teachers will work together with leadership students to continue old traditions and create new ones for the school to enjoy.