Students practice dance through zoom

Reilly Ng, Staff Reporter

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, businesses, schools and sports have been affected. However, some sports teams and clubs have found ways to practice without being in person. Zoom has become a very popular way of meeting online with multiple people. Some students are using this platform to continue dance practices.

“We have Zoom meetings every day for about two to four hours,” sophomore Bailey Oxborrow said. “So our team can go on and still be able to dance, even though it’s not the same as dancing all together in person.” 

Not everyone has the ability to have a dance studio or gym or workout area in their house, but some athletes make space inside of their homes.

“We find open space in our houses or make open space to practice in during our Zoom sessions,” sophomore Kaitlyn Hong said.

Moving furniture around can open up some space in any room.

“I just push the table in my living room away and have my living room to dance in,” Oxborrow said.

Practicing not in person is much more difficult to do than in person practice, but any practice is better than none.

“Zoom practice is harder,” sophomore Charlotte Howard said, “especially since you can’t see the teacher very well and there isn’t a lot of room to dance in my house.”

Coronavirus may be stopping some people, but technology is helping people do what they love.

“If I didn’t have zoom, I wouldn’t dance as much,” Howard said. “I would work on flexibility and strength though because that is really important for dancing.”

Many indoor athletes just need to find the biggest room in their house, Hong dances in her family room and just moves furniture to the sides. Howard goes into a makeshift studio in her loft to practice dancing.

Even though it is not possible to team practice in person, thanks to technology it’s possible to practice online.