Dance Club builds reputation, more members join

Liam Hayward, Junior Editor

After their successful performance at the Winterfest assembly, the dance club exploded into the spotlight at Reno High. Over 35 people showed up to their first club meeting, and many of them don’t have dance experience.

English Teacher Julie Begbie supervises the club, who meets every Wednesday, and makes sure that everything runs smoothly. But aside from that, the team is student-run. 

“Last year a parent approached me,” Begbie said, “saying that students who danced for several different dance studios in town, were hoping to have a Reno High dance club to bring together the dance studios and make a team.” 

The team had their first official meeting shortly after the Winterfest assembly. It was open to anybody, and a crowd soon arrived. Around 35 people showed up, ready to join the team.

 “There were 35 people at our first meeting,” sophomore Charlotte Howard said. “It was a little hectic at first but everyone wanted to be there so it was a really good environment. I think that so many people showed up because dance is something that almost anyone can feel a connection with and it’s a great way to express yourself”

 Howard, who was one of the original nine dance club members, has been a competitive dancer since she was little. However the large majority of the new dancers have little to no experience, and that’s ok.

 “Everybody is welcome,” Begbie said. “You don’t have to have any experience with dance at all, or you can have a whole lifetime of experience with dance. It’s totally up to you and everyone is welcome.”

Dance club members don’t have to dance at assemblies either. They can come to practice just to learn choreography or they can be in the assembly for anywhere from a few seconds to the whole routine. “Whatever feels good to them,” Begbie said. 

The team is looking forward to the next assemblies, and has already been choreographing and splitting into different styles of dance for their next show in the spotlight.