School shows support for Womens’ Day

Gannyn Dunn, Junior Editor

Reno High showed their love for women with their own Womens’ Day on March 6. Although it was celebrated on the 6, International Womens’ Day was March 8. Students were encouraged to wear white clothing to show support, as well as a Miracle Minute.

“We want to honor all the amazing suffragettes that fought for the 19th Amendment and the strong women that continue to impact our lives,” senior Kathleen Bradley said. “March is also Womens’ History Month, and this Sunday is International Women’s Day, so the timing is great.”

This was the first time that Reno High celebrated their own Womens’ Day and one of the main activities was the Miracle Minute for a Domestic Violence Resource Center.

“We try to incorporate a community service aspect to all of our events,” Bradley said.

The Miracle Minute occurred in third period. The teachers passed out envelopes and students were asked to spare any extra change for a good cause. The Domestic Violence Resource Center is a treatment center for women and men who experienced domestic violence.

The purpose of the day was to localize the International Women’s Day on a smaller scale. Leadership wanted to celebrate 100 years of The 19th Amendment, with this special day.

“People should be honored for their accomplishments,” Bradley said. “Especially those that fight inequality.”

The day involved empowering stickers, music and support for all women, as many students participated in the activities.