Activities and extracurriculars shift due to COVID-19

Lindsey Pyron, Staff Reporter

Leadership, student elections and the student council have all been affected by COVID-19 just like many other classes this year. Leadership normally has more things to do, but due to safety restrictions, many events that leadership plans every year have been canceled. There is still an uncertainty for student council meetings and student elections. Many students feel that these school events make them feel more involved. 

Senior Emily Miller is in her first year of leadership. In a normal year, the class would be much busier and normally they would be planning many more events. 

“When we are not planning any events, we try and focus on strengthening our friendships and getting to know each other,” Miller said. “Throughout the year we do have days that need appreciation so we will also make posters.” 

Senior Amelia Rosevear is in leadership for her second year. She feels that if school were to go full distance, leadership would try to plan safe activities. 

“As far as events go, we would try to plan virtual spirit weeks or challenges for students to post on social media,” Rosevear said. 

Student elections are also a student involved event that will be altered due to coronavirus. Leadership co-advisor Taylor Ernst feels that the way student elections will occur depends on the status of COVID-19 in our school, county and state.  

“That’s something Mr. Naughton, Ms. Briggs and I will work out,” Ernst said. “We will also probably work with Mr. Chubb and Mr. Hackbush on that as well”. 

 Junior class president Rachel Christensen has been dealing with challenges, and the junior class was planning an upcoming meeting, however with the recent surge of COVID cases, they will have to find an alternative way to meet. 

“Our biggest issue we face with student council right now is the freshman class,” Christensen said. “The freshman student council is selected by the junior and senior student council, however in order to do that we need to have a meeting and so, therefore, the freshman class does not have a student council.” 

As these students involved events have been altered, students and teachers are trying to find a way to continue on with the year safely.