Recycling provides positive results for the environment

Bliss Quilici Quain, Staff Reporter

Imagine what the world could  look like in 10 years. There is so  much pollution in the air and the clouds are so thick. There is trash, from  the side of the road to in the ocean. The world will be dying if something doesn’t change soon. The INSH World, said If the world stopped recycling then all the waste would end up in a landfill making the earth unhealthy, a little recycling helps a long way.  

 According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency only 35 % of Americans recycle. This is important because it may seem like that’s enough people recycling when it’s not. Recycling is not a one step process to success. Stopping pollution won’t happen overnight; it may never be solved and fixed. However, there is a way to help and get on the right path to creating a happy earth. 

There are a number of lengths that people need to go through to help protect the air and the earth. USA today says if more people recycled the world would be cleaner and make more use of available resources. Landfills would shrink tremendously. Leading to a cleaner and healthier earth.  

Recycling is something that should be taken seriously, and not very many people take it seriously because they don’t think about the effects it will have on the world. Simple things like learning to compost at home will help or turn off a light when leaving a room. Many things can make an impact on the world, it’s simple and easy.  It’s not a lot to do just to be aware of the current events in our world.   

Recycling prevents pollution by reducing the need to collect new raw materials, meaning that the factory’s won’t have to produce as much plastic and the smoke from those factory’s won’t infect the air. Don’t wait, start now, there is still hope and this world can still be saved. Preventative maintenance, help now so that it’s not too late, put a recycling bin in the kitchen. It’s not too late, better late than never. At times it may seem like a lot to recycle, it’s easy to forget to throw away a bottle in the blue bin rather than a green bin. It’s something that’s been accustomed to over time,  throwing everything away and not even thinking about recycling. However this is a great time to start, start new customs and make it a habit.