House parties are a dangerous COVID-19 superspreader

As the nation and rest of the world head into the tenth month of the ongoing and devastating COVID-19 pandemic, it is important that individuals focus on following guidelines that keep people healthy. These include socially distancing, wearing masks, and most importantly, avoiding and not attending house parties.

Right now it is important to avoid any activity that doesn’t involve social distantancing. Avoiding house parties is even more important as they entail many people in a tight space, usually getting intoxicated and making poor choices. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention says attending indoor parties is a dangerous activity, meaning if you attend a house party there is a very high risk of getting and spreading COVID-19. 

It is crucial, now more than ever, to crack down on house parties, and enforce social distancing, as cases are continuing to rise in Washoe County. According to, Renown Regional Medical Center has opened another care site in the parking garage to accommodate for the rise in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations. When an individual goes to a house party, they can potentially contract and spread COVID-19. They are putting themselves and others in danger which creates more cases and hospitalizations. The world needs to come together by stopping attending and throwing house parties to stop the daily increase in cases and hospitalizations.

When an individual skips going to a house party, not only are they protecting themselves, but also others. It is a possibility that an individual considering going to a house party could have COVID-19 and not even know it. They could potentially spread the virus to many other people there. Other party-goers would then proceed to spread it even further, causing many more hospitalizations and fatal cases. When an individual makes the choice to stay home and stay healthy, they are keeping others safe as well.

Although this pandemic has made it hard for many people to continue to have a social life, and house parties can be very tempting, there are alternatives. Things as simple as facetiming or calling friends everyday, doing parties over a Zoom call, dropping off baked goods on friend’s and neighbor’s porches or writing a letter to a friend or relative are much safer options.