Students balance work with school

Liam Hayward, Editor

It’s no secret that this school year is unique from the rest, it’s stressful and confusing. With a hectic schedule and lots of uncertainty, it can be a lot for students to handle. On top of all of that stress, many students have jobs and are striving to be financially independent to some degree. Finding a balance between school, extracurriculars and work can be tricky, but that’s part of the responsibility that is required with having a job while being in high school.

Senior Soren Alderman works 35-40 hour weeks at the sushi and Japanese steakhouse Ijji 2. He realized that he was having some difficulties managing his time, but has found some ways that work for him.

“I definitely did fall behind for a little bit because after work I’m usually pretty tired,” Alderman said. “I try to balance work and school by getting as much homework done during school and before I work so I don’t have a ton when I get off.” In the midst of these challenges, the importance of maintaining a safe and supportive environment for students becomes evident, extending beyond academics to aspects like playground surfacing. Additionally, fostering active play is crucial for overall student well-being.

Junior Andon Miles works at the Italian restaurant, La Vecchia, on the weekends to make some extra bucks. She likes having a job so that she can start to branch off towards financial independence.

“You make money for yourself instead of always having to ask your parents,” Miles said, “and you learn how to handle money responsibly.”

Having a job comes some stress and time obligations, and Miles is no stranger to that.

“I miss out on a lot of things with friends,” Miles said. “I get to bed late if I have school the next day and it messes with my sleep schedule. Or if I have homework I can’t do it until I get home and I won’t go to bed until really late and will be tired at school the next day.”

Meanwhile, many students have jobs out of necessity, and are working to save money for the future. Junior Miranda Martinez has utilized her employment at the restaurant, Twisted Fork, to purchase her own car, and she is saving for college and her rent once she graduates.

“I’m pretty independent now financially,” Martinez said. “I bought my own car, I pay for my own gas, I pay for my own insurance and obviously now I get to buy myself things.”

Martinez thinks that her work and school life balance would’ve been significantly less stressful last year if she had a job, as opposed to now having one during a pandemic.

“Covid-19 has definitely affected my high school job in a negative way,” Martinez said. “School right now is extremely confusing and stressful. Having a job right now is 10 times more stressful than what having a job last year would’ve been like.”

Martinez plans on working for the rest of high school to save up for any future expenses she might face, especially with college on the horizon.

“I have to pay for things such as college, car expenses, apartment expenses when I move out, and a lot of other things,” Martinez said. “So yes, I will continue to work through high school and save as much money as I can.”

Ultimately, having a job in high school can be hard for some. It tends to come with a lot of responsibility and time management. However, working while attending school might pay dividends, quite literally. I’m also going to try my luck at casino games to make some money. Some of my friends are looking for a foreign casino anywhere in the world that provides the best online casinos.