Huskies stay involved through virtual spirit week


Freshmen Isabelle Clark was the winner of the virtual spirit week.

Gannyn Dunn, Editor

Through the “Huskie Heroes” virtual spirit week, leadership brought the normal traditions of dress-up-days and activities to students at home. From April 20 through April 24, students were encouraged to participate each day and upload their outfits and activities on Instagram using the hashtag #quarantineandchillweek, and by tagging leadership’s Instagram. The week was centered around staying home and staying safe, and participants were able to win prizes.

Freshman Isabelle Clark won the overall prize, a $50 Port of Subs gift card, for the whole virtual spirit week. Clark feels as if the virtual spirit week was a great way for students to get involved.

“It is important for students to participate because it shows school spirit,” Clark said. “I think that it helps bring everyone together while we can’t actually be together.”

Clark found joy in participating in the “Huskie Heroes” virtual spirit week as she got to support a local business, along with having fun and getting to dress up.

“My favorite part of the week was getting to contribute to the community by getting food from the local business, My Favorite Muffin,” Clark said.

Senior leadership student Kaelen Weigel saw the virtual spirit week as an opportunity for students to have something to do during these uncertain times while everyone is stuck inside of their houses. 

“Our teachers were super passionate about it on Twitter,” Weigel said, “which gave us a lot of excitement to do something for them as a thank you. We also don’t have a spring fling anymore, so it was fun to be able to have a substitute for that.”

Although leadership and many students were excited and proud of the virtual spirit week, others found it lackluster. As the spirit week days were posted on leadership’s Instagram, a few students left negative comments about the week overall. In these situations, Weigel tries to look on the bright side.

“Some people really take offense to it,” Weigel said, “But for me there are always going to be negative and unhappy people in life. I am a pleaser so it’s hard for me, but I have learned that you can’t let those people stop you from bringing happiness and joy to others.”