Students should make most of online school, can affect future

Students can attend lectures and do their school work online now. They should be taken seriously.

Photographer: Image pulled from Pxfuel

Students can attend lectures and do their school work online now. They should be taken seriously.

Catalina Forister, Staff Reporter

In the midst of all that’s happening in society today, thousands of people’s lives are changing. Some have lost jobs or family members, and some are faced with the much less serious, but still significant, problem of online school. 

Because of all the chaos and distress taking place in today’s world, it is no surprise that most students who are involved in digital learning have not bothered to turn in assignments. In addition to the fact that the work assigned by the district is voluntary, an English essay or a math paper really doesn’t seem like a top priority. 

However, it is important to think about, for younger students in particular,  how the choices a student makes during online learning will affect future transcripts, recommendations, etc. Students should still do their best to turn in online assignments, and in order to do that students need to find motivation. 

One way students can find motivation to work is by keeping in mind that the ‘work’ that is being assigned does not have the same consequences as it would in a regular school year. 

Speaking from personal experience, it is easier to find motivation to work if one keeps in mind that one is acting of their own accord. Anything that is done voluntarily is easier than something that is done forcedly. And while it is true that students are being told to work, students have the unique ability to fully take matters in their own hands this time around. If one can tell themselves that they are doing work of their own accord, it is both less pressure, and a more personal reward once the work is done. 

In conclusion, online assignments may be more relevant than some students first realize, and it is because of that that students need to find ways to make work more enjoyable and motivate themselves.