Hulse continues soccer career virtually

Madison Freeman, Staff Reporter

There is nothing, not even self-isolation, that  can stop freshman Carli Hulse from pursuing her passion of soccer. Hulse has had a connection with soccer since the age of five, and said ever since she has loved the sport. Even though Hulse can’t keep practicing with her fellow teammates, she keeps trying to move forward with her soccer career. 

 “I have been attending zoom calls on Tues. with my team each week,” Hulse said. “We have been starting to do drills together in limited spaces, which can make it hard to really practice. My coach has given us different drills to do off calls and wants us to practice at least three times a week. It’s really important for me and the team to stay fit and keep our feet on the ball.”

Hulse plays a defense position and really enjoys the whole game and team culture which makes it hard to practice alone.

“Being in quarantine has really affected not only me and my team, but everyone who loves the sport and community at Reno High,” Hulse said. “It’s hard to practice by yourself and not with your teammates. You just don’t get the same soccer experience that I really love.”

Not only has Hulse been staying busy by focusing on soccer, she also has been spending time with her family.

“I have been spending a lot of time with my family,” Hulse said. “We have been cooking fun meals and new recipes. [We have] also been playing lots of card games, which helps keep my competitive edge.”

Hulse has been keeping her soccer dreams and future alive by staying active and fit despite current circumstances.