Students help community by making masks

Clark Mack, Staff Reporter

Panic and fear has been struck in the hearts of humanity because of the virus, but some members of the community are helping fight the good fight by making and donating medical masks to hospitals.

Junior Mia Tolles is one of the mask crafters.

“I started making masks about a week and a half ago and have been working on them since,” Tolles said. “Because of the slow shipping, I have just received elastics and can finally finish the premade cutout cloth. My sister and I have mainly been the two working on the project, but I have received help from many family friends who have donated clothes and supplies.”

Tolles said that it takes her about 15 minutes to make one mask.

She has gotten feedback saying that the masks work, though there aren’t stats showing the effectiveness of homemade masks. They are considering donating masks to a few places, including nursing homes and senior centers.

“As of right now, Reno is in need everywhere,” Tolles said. “I won’t lie, [making masks] wasn’t very easy at first, mainly because I have never sewn before. But I’m so glad I’ve learned how and have the chance to put it to good use. So many people have helped contribute cotton fabric or shirts to help me make the masks which has been a huge help. Times like this are rough and seeing love fostering in the community has been amazing to be a part of.”