Online learning proves to be adjustment for students


Photographer: Royce Trumble

Students are having to adjust to having their curriculum administered online.

Gannyn Dunn, Junior Editor

As the world is currently living through a Coronavirus pandemic, many changes have needed to be made in order to fight the spread of the virus. Businesses have temporarily closed, social distancing has been put in place and schools are shut down. As school can’t be held like it normally would be, the alternative for the Washoe County School District is distance learning. Students were able to pick-up the distance learning packets, or they can just do the work online from home. 

Junior Royce Trumble feels as if the new distance learning has given many students more free time to themselves, as they have fewer classes per day that they have all day to complete. 

“I’ve been able to do so much I’ve never had time to do before like learning new instruments and spending time with my family,” Trumble said.

Although the new school work has given students more time to themselves, it has also come with new challenges. As students are now doing school from their homes by themselves, they have faced some difficulties.

“It has been pretty easy for the first couple weeks,” Senior Madie Wyse said. “We barely got any assignments in my classes. It’s hard for me to find motivation to do the work and join the zoom calls though, because this stay at home structure makes me just want to relax.”

Although this type of learning is completely new and different, students and teachers have found ways to make it feel more “normal.”

“The majority of my teachers have done video calls,” freshman Lexi Edwards said. “It helps it seem like we’re still in school because I get to see my classmates a little bit.”

Sophomore Miranda Martinez has picked up new habits to help her adjust to distance learning and stay on top of her assignments. 

“I keep a planner to make sure I’m staying organized and I never miss an assignment,” Martinez said. “This helps me plan out my day in advance. I also make sure that I am taking enough breaks in between my lessons because sitting for long periods of time, personally, makes me feel anxious.”

As the current world is constantly changing day by day due to the Coronavirus, students have had to adjust to a whole new way of school, at their homes. Students are just taking it one day at a time as many changes are made continuously from the Washoe County School District.