Doyle continuing to pursue journalism and cheer


Photographer: Photo provided by Alyssa Doyle

Doyle, co-editor in chief of the ReWaNe yearbook, plans on continuing her education in journalism.

Josie Ruyak, Opinion Editor

Senior Alyssa Doyle throughout her high school career has been nothing but involved to say the least; she participated in Varsity Cheerleading, Leadership and is the Co-Editor in Chief for the ReWaNe Yearbook. Senior year for Doyle was very special and bittersweet and now with her reflecting back on memories, Doyle has learned high school is where she learned the most about herself. 

“I feel that this was definitely a different way to end our year as well as unexpected but this gave us an opportunity,” Doyle said. “It gave us the opportunity to slow down and grasp what we are thankful for. It gave us the opportunity to try out new things and learn about ourselves. Although this is a short end, and there are still things we haven’t experienced or done, I feel that the class of 2020 bonded and we are truly all unified in this moment because we are all experiencing it.”

Doyle will be attending the University of Nevada, Reno, this upcoming fall and will be majoring in journalism. Doyle didn’t know what she wanted to do or major in until she was a part of the Reno High Yearbook staff. 

“I really enjoyed graphic designing and working in InDesign as well as I loved interviewing people and telling their stories,” Doyle said. “Journalism is a large field and has so many different paths you can go so I felt that this major was best for me. I love writing and I also love designing and graphic design and making artwork on the computer at the touch of a fingertip. So I decided to go more in depth and major in Visual Journalism which has all the aspects of the yearbook that I loved and admired.” 

Doyle toured the journalism school at UNR and loves the cute little building it is in. She was also intrigued by the small class size, due to her wanting more one on one interactions with her peers and professors. Besides getting involved in the school of journalism, Doyle also plans on trying out for the Nevada Spirit Team because of her experience with school and competitive cheer. 

“I was originally just trying out for cheer and then one of my good friends who is a Reno alumni, Julia Hamlin, told me to come to a stunt practice,” Doyle said. “I had never done co-ed stunting before and I honestly was scared out of my life to go. When I went, it was the most fun I had ever had. I loved the feeling of flying with just one person and I saw how close the stunt team was. I ended up meeting some really nice stunt guys who have helped me with this tryout process and have grown to be good friends through this whole tryout experience.”

Because of the recent spread of the Coronavirus, Doyle will be trying out through video, but she is so thankful for all the people she has met through the team and the whole experience. Doyle also plans to be a part of ASUN at UNR, which is their student council, as well as maybe joining a sorority. 

“I know it will be difficult to handle but I love being involved in multiple things,” Doyle said. “I love being busy and I love having a schedule. I have always dreamed of being a part of these aspects of UNR and I am so excited to just go full force and dive into a new experience.”

Although Doyle is ready to jump into the next chapter of her life; she is also looking back at her times at Reno High, feeling very thankful.

“I am going to miss the water colored sunsets at Foster Field, hearing Mr. Clark yell down the hallway, saying hello to Officer Webb and everything in between,” Doyle said. “From being a huskie, I have learned what pride is. I have learned how to represent something and be unified. I have learned how to have pride and be proud of wearing red and blue. I have learned that even through the darkest times, sometimes going to school is the best remedy and it allows you to escape. I have learned that the yellow-tiled halls keep something special in them after all, which is memories, moments, laughs, cries, first dances, last dances, interactions and compassion.”