Hunsberger uses past experiences to help him succeed for future at Vanderbilt

Josie Ruyak, Opinion Editor

Senior Nate Hunsberger has completed and accomplished a lot within his four years at Reno High School. He took many advanced classes to the point where his senior year has included courses from the University of Nevada such as Calculus 3 and General Chemistry due to him exceeding those subjects offered at Reno High. Not only that, but he is also a part of the RHS baseball team and We The People. 

“The balance is pretty tough, especially with We The People and baseball as I practice both after school,” Hunsberger said. “I’ve just tried to manage my time in We The People well so I don’t get behind as well as commit as much time as I can to baseball. I normally have to leave my activities early so I’m not too late to We The People.”

Recently, Hunsberger was accepted into Vanderbilt University in Nashville which has an 11 percent acceptance rate. He said that for his supplement essay he wrote about baseball and the skills and lessons he learned in his four years of being a part of the program. 

“I decided to apply there because the location seems amazing,” Hunsberger said. “The area around the campus seems perfect for a college student, with lots of restaurants and activities to do. The final aspect which won me over was the atmosphere there. When I visited there, I could just feel a sort of collaborative social vibe from all the students I encountered.”

Hunsberger was also interested in Vanderbilt due to its engineering program. Hunsberger got into engineering mostly because he has been the best in Math and Science in school. 

“I’m not super sure what major yet, but Vandy doesn’t make me declare a major until my sophomore year, so I’m allowed to figure things out,” Hunsberger said. “Ever since middle school I’ve always been interested in programming and computers, so I’m thinking I’ll major in computer science, which is in the engineering school.