Pflieger pushes swimming career to next level through training


Photographer: Zach Power

Pilfer spent some time at an olympic training center to further his training for swimming, which he wants to continue into the future.

Gannyn Dunn, Junior Editor

Sophomore Aidan Pflieger went to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for a swim camp with the Local Swimming Committee, which is a big group of club swim teams. They selected people that applied to attend the camp. There, Pflieger learned many new things, some that have to do with swimming itself and others that have to do with leadership characteristics in the pool.

Pflieger started swimming lessons when he was three years old, but got into competitive swimming when he was eight years old. He got into swimming because his dad didn’t know how to, and his parents didn’t want to pass on that trait. 

“My dad doesn’t know how to swim,” Pflieger said. “So my parents thought that I needed to know how to swim so I could be safe and wouldn’t end up not being able to go swimming like my dad.”

The training center wasn’t as high pressure and scary as people would think an Olympic Training Center would be, according to Pflieger. 

“It’s not what people would expect,” Pflieger said. “It’s kind of more like a friendly environment. You can casually just like walk by and see an Olympian.”

Pflieger’s biggest takeaway from the camp had more to do with leadership skills than swimming skills. Along with character skills, Pflieger also learned swimming skills that will help him succeed.

“I learned a lot more about how to be a good leader,” Pflieger said, “and how to train better under pressure. I feel like I can get through difficult sets easier and I can be positive during practice and keep my swim team’s environment positive.”

Pflieger wants to pursue his swimming career, both in high school and out of it.

“I want to swim in college, somewhere probably near the ocean and see how far I can get in the sport,” Pflieger said.