Zueva works hard, sets goals


Photographer: Photo by Aspen Towell

Nueva has worked to succeed in her academics, as well as train for cross country.

Aspen Towell, Staff Reporter

Anna Zueva is a fifteen-year-old student athlete who loves to be involved in the Reno High community. She wants to have a great high school experience and is a tenacious student. She is a swimmer on the Reno High swim team, an honor jazz band member and practices running every day to prepare for cross country this upcoming summer and school year. 

Zueva plays the trumpet and she has been playing it since sixth grade. 

“I love being able to make music with others and work with people who can push your skill forward,” Zueva said. “It’s really great to see improvement when you’ve been working so hard.” 

Zueva was on a Reno swim team in middle school where she had practice before school and a meet after school. This schedule was tiring and hard to manage. So freshman year she decided to join the Reno High swim team, which is easier to work with. Zueva said she loves to swim basically anywhere. 

“My spirit animal would be a sea otter because I love to swim, travel around and care for others,” Zueva said.

Zueva’s class schedule for sophomore year involves classes like AP calculus, AP physics, AP Euro and honors computer science. She said she stays motivated by writing and setting goals. 

“I like goals and setting goals and achieving them,” Zueva said. “I start with small steps and usually it’s to prove something to someone. If someone says you can’t do this, I want to prove them wrong.” 

Zueva said that Reno High is very welcoming to everybody and that inspires her to keep working hard to achieve her goals. 

“Right now in high school I’m just trying to get good grades, kind of survive, try to stay in shape, stay happy and improve on my instrument,” Zueva said. 

These goals sum up what she wants to achieve in high school, but she also has future goals for life after high school. In college Zueva is thinking about getting a dual major: one in music, and one in business. 

“I just want to get on a path for a stable career where I can support myself and have time to do things I want at the same time,” Zueva said.