Environmental Club helps clean up the environment


Photographer: Madison Freeman

The club organized clean-ups to help the environment.

Madison Freeman, Staff Reporter

A typical school consumes approximately 75 trees per year which contributes to deforestation, water pollution and hazardous waste being dumped, according to School Stream Online. These are just a few of the hundreds of threats to the Earth’s environment, but the environmental club is trying to help and a few other students are helping too.

There are around 20 members in the environmental club that are trying to help clean up. The head staff adviser of the Environmental club this year is Biology teacher Faith Osgard. Anyone can join environmental club, at any time in the year. One of Osgard’s Biology students recently joined the club. 

“My daughter actually started the club last year,” Osgard said. “The club kind of went away, but then she brought it back, last year she was a senior. The biology teacher that was here before me was the staff adviser and when he left, I took his job and I just by default took over the club.”

The club is planning to organize clean ups around the Truckee River and town. Also, different activities to help keep the environment clean. Environmental Club is trying to partner with a non-profit that helps clean up the environment like Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful.

“They’re trying to plan some clean ups,” Osgard said, “do anything to help the environment.”

Other students also are trying to help and have opinions about cleaning up the environment.

“I think that littering and pollution is really bad,” freshman Izzy Solan. “This is a huge problem and we can start picking up trash, helping our community, throwing our trash away and not throwing it on to the streets.”

Picking up trash isn’t the only way other students can help too.

“I think our environment is pretty great,” freshman Lauren Millet said, “and we need to start taking better care of it.”

 Not only is the environmental club helping clean up the environment, so are other students on campus. Picking up trash, not wasting water or walking to school are always that individuals can help clean up the Earth’s environment.