Thalia Arrate excels in cross country

Kochia Krum, Staff Reporter

Freshman Thalia Arrate is a freshman at Reno High who keeps busy through all her sports but is also very involved with her family and friends.

“I like running cross country and track, playing soccer and spending time with my family,” Arrate said. 

Arrate had a very successful first year of high school cross country. She made the varsity team as a freshman and her team made it to league, regionals and state. For League, Arrate placed second, fifth at Regionals and tenth at State as well as being the first freshman to finish. 

She enjoyed the meets but also the team bond which was created.

 “The season itself was so much fun because the team is so close and there is no drama,”Arrate said. “We went to a bunch of fun meets and even if they were hard the team made it enjoyable.”

Arrate uses running not only as a hobby but also as a stress reliever. 

“I love cross country,” Arrate said. “It is my stress reliever and my go-to activity when I need to get something off my mind.” 

Arrate trained hard for the season through soccer, middle school and coming out all summer to run. 

“I trained for cross country by going to the summer training, but I have also been running cross country and track in middle school and soccer has also helped me become so conditioned for it,” Arrate said.

Soccer was not just to help Arrate train for running, but is something she has been doing for many years. Arrate has been playing in a club soccer travel league outside of school for 11 years. “I have been playing soccer for 11, almost 12 years,” Arrate said. “This will be my last year doing soccer and that makes me upset because I love the sport so much, because of the people I get to play with, the bonds I have made and I also love being on the field.”

Arrate has decided to stop playing soccer so she can focus on cross country. 

“I am not doing soccer anymore though because I would be able to dedicate my time to cross country,” Arrate said. 

Arrate wants to continue running in her future too. 

“In the future, I want to go to college for cross country or track,” Arrate said. “I want to do my best and succeed.”

Arrate keeps going from support from family and friends. 

“My friends, family and teammates inspire me,” Arrate said. “My parents inspire me the most though. I also believe I can do anything If I put my mind to it.”