Students learn about current events at National Security Forum breakfast


Photographer: Maggie Arden

Seniors attended the National Security Forum breakfast to learn about COVID-19 and its predicted effects.

Kochia Krum, Staff Reporter

The National Security Forum of Northern Nevada is a non profit and educational organization believing in vigorous, open and balanced discussion and debate on vital issues affecting all Americans. 

The NSF was established by Dr. Tyrus Cobb in 2009 to promote discussion regarding critical national issues facing the United States.

The NSF monthly breakfast forums draw an average of 150 participants from northern Nevada and California, all ranging from students to retirees.  

Reno High students are encouraged to go by Mr. Clark for We The People and their history classes.

“Every month, Mr. Clark tells us about these meetings and gives us the opportunity to go to them,” senior Lauren Kinder said.

The topics range from many events and issues in the world today and this last breakfast was on the coronavirus. 

“Normally, I cannot go that day because we have to miss school or I am not super interested in the topic,” Kinder said, “but this time worked out and the topic which was the coronavirus was very interesting and timely.” 

The meeting was not just a discussion but had data and math to back up what they were discussing. 

“It was a very data and math-based discussion, there were many charts about the spread, deaths and hospitalizations in many of the countries and many comparisons to the flu and pandemics in the past,” Kinder said.  

The meeting helped people better understand what is happening with the coronavirus.

“I learned a lot about the spread in different countries,” Kinder said. “It feels like there are updates on the virus every hour, so it was nice to be able to get some solid facts provided by the CDC and see them laid out in a way that was visual and easy to understand.”