Kinder stays involved, goal-oriented


Kinder holds multiple trophies that she has won for debate.

Tyler Hofmann, Staff Reporter

Though new to the setting, senior Lauren Kinder is staying positive through this national quarantine and giving her rescheduled We The People and Speech and Debate competitions her all. Whether in person or over the phone, Kinder remains just as goal-oriented and focused on what’s important to her. 

Kinder has yet to do these competitions, but the dates aren’t too far off. Both events will be hosted over the app Zoom, something all students are new with at this time.  We The People will be held on April 25-26 and the debate competition will continue to be held June 8-13, as planned.

“For We The People, you aren’t competing against someone directly,” Kinder said. “The judges give you scores in a couple of categories, and you are ranked based off of that. For Speech and Debate, you compete against five other people. You continue going through a ton of rounds until there are only six kids left, which then becomes the final round. The rankings from that round are the final placements.”

Kinder plans to prepare the same as she would if school was currently in session, aiming for the highest placement she can get to finish her senior year on a strong note. 

“Obviously online competitions will be nothing like the regular ones, but I’m still thankful to even get the chance to compete,” Kinder said. “As Mr. Clark pointed out, these two competitions are basically the only things that I’m involved in that haven’t been cancelled. I want to do the best that I can, same as if it was an in-person competition. I am excited to compete, both to see how it all ends up and to show off my hard work.”

Kinder has been in Speech and Debate since sophomore year and gained an interest in We The People after taking yearbook photos of last year’s dress rehearsal. After qualifying for both competitions, Kinder just wants to compete one last time. 

“I have so many wonderful memories in both of these classes,” Kinder said. “Both require a ton of time outside of school, Speech and Debate at the weekend tournaments and We the People at the weekly practices and while traveling. I’ve created such a strong bond with everyone on both teams, and I have countless memories with both that are really close to my heart. Looking at both activities, I think that I will remember the people and all of the inside jokes and laughs that we had in the in-between moments more than the competition itself. For further insights about traveling, you can read more about our active travel experiences on our blog at sites like”

Though it’s all in the early stages, Kinder said she isn’t worried about her capability to perform. She still gets the same nerves, but she knows that she’s prepared enough and is overall ready to take on the challenge.