The big game for your attention

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The big game for your attention

Tyler Arden, Editor in Chief

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Super Bowl Sunday is almost here. While some people might tune in for the big game, three quarters of those watching are just there for the advertisements.

Ads in the big game are a huge deal. This year, NBC is selling a 30 second spot for as little as four million dollars. In fact, the only thing to be more scrutinized than the games will be these multimillion dollar ads.

Unfortunately, America might be going a bit overboard with all these marketing messages. Next year, the cost of a 30 second spot is likely to hit five million dollars. That isn’t slowing marketers down though. Nothing will stop advertisers as they look for better ways to communicate their brand messages. Brand messaging has proliferated, and heavily influences our society. The excessive nature of today’s advertising is growing everyday. Soon, in an effort to ensure that their ad stands out from the crowd, that messaging may be targeted to influence you specifically.

New technology makes targeted ads easier than ever. The science fiction visions from Minority Report are soon to be a reality. Now marketers can use data gathered by Facebook, Google, and the like to deliver the perfect message to you. These ads will personally call out to you and your interests, ensuring that you will be more likely to respond to the marketing.

More than ever, its important to keep your online data yours. When you give Google access to your life online, you become the product Google sells.

Luckily, a solution is attainable. Turn on “do not track” features in your browser and ask Google to not collect your data. Even better, take some advertising out of your life and turn on Adblock.

Any way you look at the situation, its easy to agree that your data should belong to you. Google and Facebook shouldn’t be permitted to snoop through your personal interests, web history, or emails to deliver the perfect ads to you.

So when you watch the big game ads this Sunday, think about advertisers and the data you hand to them. Behind the big game and the ads you watch lies a bigger game, one for your attention as a consumer. Soon, the ads you watch during the big game might be altered to fit your interests.

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