Green creates memorable characters

Looking for Alaska

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Green creates memorable characters

Britney Lee, Staff Reporter

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About the Book:
In the book Looking for Alaska the author John Green made two types of people in his book. First, there are the Regular People who stay at the dooms all seven days of the week and only go home for holidays.

Second, there are the Weekday Worriers who only stay at the dooms five days a week and go home on the weekends (known as the rich kids).
In one hand the Weekday Warriors and the Regular People don’t like each other at all. But on the other hand they always pull pranks on each other. Yet there is a mutual code that you never tell “the Eagle” (the school’s dean) anything that has happened, in other words, no snitching.

This book for the majority of the time takes place at Culver Creek in Arizona. Throughout the book Miles (known as Pudge) talks about how the climate from Florida and Arizona differ. It’s hot; wear anything at all and sweat right through it. At one point John Green wrote, “I managed to tape a map of the world to the wall and get most of my clothes into the drawers before I noticed that the hot, moist air made even the walls sweat, and I decided that now was not the time for manual labor.”

Pudge is a junior in the book, and when he reaches his new school in Arizona he becomes friends with his roommate Chip Martin (known throughout the book as the Colonel) and Alaska.

Once he makes it to Culver Creek he makes more friends than you could imagine he would, and he gets a girlfriend, Lara.

His home town is Florida, and he didn’t have very good friends. In the beginning of the book he thinks to himself and wants to make a good impression with his new friends, so he doesn’t know how to act. Somewhere in the middle of the book he starts acting more open to the people he cares about.

Alaska is clever, funny, and crazy all compiled into a ball. She could light up the room with just her smile, but what no one knows it that she holds a secret close to her heart that she thinks of everyday.
The Colonel meets Pudge as his roommate, an is the one to introduce Pudge and Alaska.

He is very poor, and his mom and him live in a one room trailer park.
He is going to this private school because he is very smart and took the scholarship test and passed with flying colors.

I think that Looking for Alaska is a really great book; John Green put his name on my list of favorite authors after I read this book.
I did have some doubts in parts of the book though, for example after one of the characters disappear, and the main character (Miles Halter) turned in a complete jerk.

By the end of the book he started acting like his old self and put me back into his good graces. If you like the teenage drama, secrets, and crying you would love this book just like me.

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