The Dirty Heads surprises fans with new, upbeat sounds


Katie Rocke, Staff Reporter

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Rock/reggae band The Dirty Heads recently came out with a new album on July 8.

Their album, Sounds of Change consists of 13 songs all with a variety of different sounds, from reggae to rap.

In their attempt to take on a more hip-hop sound, they paired up with rapper Tech N9ne for the song “Burn Slow.”

Although this song was not one of my favorites, I think it is a good start for the band’s transition into a new genre of music. The song was a mixture of both their original rock sound, with some rap and upbeat bass.

Sounds of Change is an accurate name for the new album because of the new genres The Dirty Heads incorporated into their music. I was impressed by the bravery they showed by switching things up.
Most bands’ music sounds exactly the same from album to album but they successfully ventured out into the music world. They accomplished the goal of staying away from the same sound by working with a couple rappers.

“My Sweet Summer” is my favorite song in the new album because of the catchy beat that it has.

It is a mix between reggae rock and a little bit of pop. I first heard this song on the radio and have been hooked since even before I heard the rest of the album.

“Burials” is another song that I really liked because of the smooth beat it had. It ties in the group’s signature sound in addition to a little bit of Sublime’s sound. I didn’t expect to like this song at first.

The first couple times listening to the track I thought it was too different from The Dirty Heads’ previous songs, but the more I listened to it, the more it grew on me.

“Medusa” has more of a dubstep sound, but they still kept a professional sound. The band manages to stay close to their signature tone and message, all while incorporating a newer sound to it.

I was not a fan of “Franco Eyes”. The flow of the song sounds too forced to be rap. Other songs in the album execute rapping nicely, but I feel that this song does not produce a nice flow.
The mix of rap and rock does not do well in this track. I feel that as a reggae band, they should stick to their sound and leave the rapping to feature musicians.

“End of the World” was another one of my favorites. It captured their original reggae sound without sounding like any of their previous songs or overdone. It almost sounds like a Coldplay song with a reggae twist.

The Dirty Heads is one of my favorite bands because they are a great mix between Sublime and the Beastie Boys.

They aren’t afraid to stray away from the traditional vibe and include some rap and hip-hop in their songs.

They leave aside their usual easygoing sound by featuring a couple rappers and merging their original sounds with some upbeat percussion.

Sounds of Change is their fourth album; the first three just as successful. This album is the perfect mix of songs to be the soundtrack of a good summer.

I would recommend this album to just about anyone because it appeals to a wide variety of genres. A number of people would like select songs album because of the diverse songs in it.

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