Clark finds community at Reno High


Photographer: Photo provided by Isabelle Clark

Clark is passionate about her faith and hopes to start a Young Life club for people who are like-minded.

Maggie Arden, Editor in Chief

Freshmen Isabelle Clark has taken the adjustment to high school in stride, and has set out to become involved within the school to enjoy the experience.

Clark is involved with track, and said she loves running and enjoys being on the RHS team. Not only is she involved in this aspect, but she enjoys school events like football games and pep rallies where she can show school spirit. Going forward, Clark hopes to be involved in leadership and yearbook, as well as graduating with an honors diploma. 

Despite being away from school and her community of huskies, Clark has found ways to stay busy with her family. 

“To keep busy me and my family will try and be outside as much as we can,” Clark said, “and I started watching “All American” together to pass time. I have been going on lots of hikes with my family, exercising, FaceTiming friends, journaling, and watching lots of Netflix.”

Clark values forming genuine connections and said her favorite thing in the world is “to have real conversations with people” and “getting know people’s hearts.” She is passionate about her faith and has found a community of people at Reno High who have shared this interest.

“Me and [Amanda Williams] met up for coffee a few times at the beginning of the year after I reached out to her on Instagram,” Clark said. “After a few times meeting up she made a group chat with a few of her friends and we started meeting up with groups of girls. As time has gone on we have found more girls to join us and now we have such an amazing community.”

Clark hopes to combine her multiple interests by starting a club called Young Life at Reno High, and she wants to pursue youth ministry in the future. To her, it is important to have like-minded people around her.

“This group is important to me because being a teenage girl whose faith is important to her, it’s also very important to have other girls your age who understand and who you can talk to about it,” Clark said. “These girls have truly been so amazing to me and helped me through so much.”